Friday at 3:30 to 4:30 PM
Agnes Lopez Reaño

A public service program that provides the public a look at the campaign plan IPSP Bayanihan of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The show also clarifies common misconceptions that the solution to the country’s peace problem can be directly dealt using military solutions, contrary to the intents of the government to address the insurgency using peaceful means.


Ka Kosa, Ka Rancho – Take an inner look at the civilian groups who have enlisted themselves to collaborate with our soldiers in solving the peace problems confronting our nation. Learn their motivations and expectations as we journey towards the establishment of a peaceful Philippines.

Bayani ni Juan – Know what our soldiers are doing all over the country and in all levels in the performance of the AFP’s IPSP Bayanihan, learn how they collaborate with the communities they’re working and know their focus towards their jobs.

Puno’t Dulo – This segment would be showing the AFP’s top level’s guidance to its men and partners on how to effectively deal with the advocacy to win the peace without violating the laws and traditions being observed. It also essays the effect of the peace efforts to the communities.

Epektos Atbp – This segment tackles the tangible effects of IPSP Bayanihan and other developments arising from its implementation. Expect to view interviews with rebels who surrendered due to IPSP Bayanihan, the increasing demand for all combatants to finally have peace in our country, the glee and satisfaction of partner groups upon achievement of their purpose, the noted growth of a community that had decided to reject violence and war, or AFP citing its partner’s efforts.