Monday - Friday at 5:00 AM
Atty. George Erwin Garcia, Beth Santiago, Jose Castigador Jr.

Huntahan is a commentary program that deals with the most relevant issues of the country and the world. As the program title suggests, “Huntahan” is geared at disseminating information through simple conversations; reminiscent of how ordinary folks discuss controversial news in the privacy of their homes or in street corner gatherings.

Armed with the combination of experience and expertise, the light commentaries of the anchors are executed in an in-depth, objective and balanced manner. It aims to provide listeners with a good view and understanding of the stories behind news stories, thus serving as good foundation for opinion-forming. This program format makes it easier for avid listeners to draw together facts, figures and other pertinent information on matters that affect the society while enjoying a good laugh amidst the storm of information.

Huntahan is for those who are craving for intelligent discussions on the hottest issues in the country today.
Monday to Friday, 5:00AM – 7:00am.