Britain vows long-term support for overseas territories hit by Irma

by Radyo La Verdad | September 14, 2017 (Thursday) | 312

Despite sending reinforcements and ships to deliver help, France, Britain and the Netherlands have been criticized for not doing enough for the islands that they oversee.

After reviewing the aid operation underway at a British base in Barbados, British foreign secretary Boris Johnson defended his government’s response to one of the most devastating storms ever to hit the Caribbean.

The UK government pledged long-term support on Tuesday to the British territories in the Caribbean hit by hurricane Irma.

Prime Minister Theresa may is expected to announce additional funds for hurricane relief.

Britain on Monday delivered its first humanitarian aid and disaster relief to the Turks and Caicos islands, its overseas territory in the Caribbean.

British Royal Air force says it has flown more than 20 sorties within the Caribbean since Friday, moving more than 700 passengers into and around the region and delivering more than 70 tonnes of freight to hurricane-stricken communities.


(Jovic Bermas / UNTV Correspondent)




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